Monday, August 3, 2009

Why are we numb?

The Planet is in crisis
solutions exist but we don't yet use them
all over the world, people and their people-structures
are trying to uphold unsustainable systems
rather than change
It seems so strange
A friend said: "People need to know. If they know they will change."
I don't think this is true.
Joanna Macy, revered pioneer of the 'Work That Reconnects' says we do know.
And it is our deep knowing that causes our disconnect.
At our most fundamental cellular level,
and at our most fine soulful level,
we know that what we are doing and how we are living;
what we think and how we act must change -
We think, say, act and be numb because we have a big grief
we don't want to deal with -
we are losing Life,
robbing our own children
We have to face our grief, our guilt and shame -
and, get over it.
We have to grow up
So that we can be something so much better.
We can do it.

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