Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The difference between knowing and empathy

I am really interested in the gaps, the spaces, the chasms and canyons between hearts and minds.

Intellectually, we all well know we are part of Nature, deeply invested in the Web of Life, and yet somehow many of us are emotionally aloof - affording the Living little respect, nevermind love, kindness and empathy.

How is it that with our great minds we know, and with our great hearts we fail to feel?

Is the mirror simply reflecting our failure at self-love? That is, if we were more adept at caring well for ourselves, being truly friendly to ourselves - would we find it easier to care well for the places where we live? - The places that include many other life forms.

I guess the Big Question is what will it take to make Life sacrosanct? My life, your life, the CEO's life and his company workers' lives, the Humpback Whale's life and the Purple Bacterium's life...

Many of the effective change agents today are saying that issues of social justice, environmental justice and spiritual consciousness are indivisible...

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