Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dancing the Love of My Life

Dancing the Love of My Life

On a sunny day
I gave my prayer wings

I stared at the wind for hours

A child looked at the blue sky
and pointed out the pale moon

I looked my Patience in the eye
and asked it for evidence
of its usefulness

I found a burrow
where I could curl up my dreams
and the grass sang

I reached out a hand
to a woman in a veil
She lit a candle
for my hope
and made a promise
to snuff out my fears

I rubbed gold coins in my hands
until they were hot

I wondered, what could I believe?
and a Starfish melted under my foot

I blew ashes into bubbles
but nobody saw this

I watched an egg laugh

I heard a song
no one has sung
and for a moment
an Owl smiled at me

I wrapped up my Blessings
and put them in an envelope
I bought a stamp from a man
who sold flowers

I went to the park
when the cherry trees blossomed
and I waded into the waters

I burnt off my limbs and my face
and my hair and my heart

so that you can love me

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