Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Growing Our Own Food

Growing our own food at home, at schools and in the community using natural-systems farming techniques such as Permaculture, is one of the most fundamental ways we can all make a great difference in the world today.

Just meeting a few of your seasonal fruit, veg and herbs needs by growing food in the place where you live has a postive impact. You don't even need to set aside a plot of land - many veg and herbs are happy pot-dwellers making dense-urban food gardening a pleasure.

A Permaculture family food garden is a particular asset that provides a healthy, outdoor activity for children and parents.

Here are a few reasons why it is worth the effort:

  • You can produce much of your own fresh, organically-grown veg in an extremely cost-efficient way, reducing or freeing up some of the family food budget.

  • You will be participating in the global movement towards eating more locally-produced food – you cut back on your household contribution to ‘food miles’ and reduce your family’s ecological footprint by producing food just a stone’s throw from your own kitchen.

  • You can put your family back in touch with Nature’s seasonal gifts and most especially, give children a first-hand awareness and appreciation of how good food is produced.

  • You can save seeds from season to season building up a valuable store of healthy, natural seed - and share them in your community.

  • You can reduce your household waste and make more efficient use of resources.

  • You can experience the satisfaction of reaping your own harvests and creating rich family traditions around the growing, preparing and eating of fresh, healthy foods grown by your own hands.

  • Your family can become an inspiration when you share your bounty with other gardeners and families.

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