Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010

The theme for Blog Action Day 2010 is water.  The problems are so vast and varied, it seems the world over, wherever there is water, we're wasting it, polluting it and killing off all life in it.  In comparison, the solutions being implemented seem so very small and limited.  For example, it is a good idea for individuals to choose not to buy bottled water; but what would be revolutionary is if the beverage companies all committed to never bottling water again!  That kind of sweeping change in consciousness would feel like the kind of triumph we are sorely missing at the moment.  However, in commemoration of Blog Action Day, I don't want to be a harbinger of doom. So I am remembering this wisdom from Tom Robbins, and applying it to the waters of the world:

This is not a quote but an accurate paraphase of the gist of the message:
If you look at the world through one eye and see everything that is wrong; look at it then and vow to live in such a way that you change what is wrong. If you look at the world through the other eye and see the beautiful fields stretching to the majestic mountains against the backdrop of a glorious sky, know that the world is also perfect.  Then open both eyes and hold these two ideas of the world in your mind's eye in perfect, dynamic balance.  For if you see only out of the first eye, you will be a contributor to the darkness of the world; and if you look only out of the other eye, you will be vapid and ineffectual.

Water is in trouble and needs as much good action from us that it can get.  Water is also beautiful and stupendous, glorious and life-giving, awesome and unfathomable.  It will, of course, survive us; but I hope it won't have to.

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